I read a lot of misconceptions recently on some websites of personal development and I wanted to discuss it with you. You should know and make your own opinion on certain beliefs. What do you think?

Myth # 1

Time heals all wounds. This is not necessarily true. To avoid drowning, you must kick and hands out of the water surface. It is the same with your wounds. We must face them and look at everything in a different perspective: the past may explain this but should not define it. Stop looking at what happens in the mirror and start taking action. Because in all of us, there is a bit of bravery. Just look it up and move forward.

Myth # 2

Be yourself. What people think should not influence your personality, of course. Stay strong, be yourself!. Be friendly but keep always the truth if you want us to respect your opinion.

Myth # 3

Happiness is up to you. It comes first from you. If you are unable to live with yourself, you will seek constantly to fill the void inside of you with an external source. You only need one person to be happy: YOU. Anyone who tells you another thing is either: 1. A Guru who wants your money 2. A woman or a man who wants your money 3. a bank that wants your money. If you do not have money, they want something else ). Happiness (love) is a bonus, but not always necessary. Yes, friends contribute to happiness, but if you are not happy with yourself first, you are as dependent on external sources to be happy. What will become of you if they disappear? Interdependence, yes, addiction, no.

Myth # 4

By comparison, they console themselves. “Each sheep in a herd look like the other one “: this is a popular saying that wants to tell that some people because of their attitudes or their failures, their common mistakes disappear into the crowd. Each chromosome is different , but your personality and your attitude are similar to others. You are therefore different by default. No need to yell,tp dye your hair purple or do something crazy to distinguish yourself. Stop comparing yourself, work on your self .

Myth # 5

Think before you act. When you think too much, you forget to live the present moment. The action takes place NOW, whether for eating, reading, chatting with a friend, play ping-pong …
Although sometimes is necessary to think carefully before doing something . Certainly, to invest money, better think. For the rest, let yourself go down the river. It is better to enjoy it slowly

Myth # 6

Without friends, you are nothing.We need the help of others, this is normal, but keep asking help from others to solve problems is not rigth. You are stronger than you might think.