Essay: “Abstinence Only Programs in School”

Kayla Chandler English 1113- Section 204 Professor McPhate 24 April 2010 Abstinence-Only Programs: Friend or Fiend? We’ve all been through the routine of the abstinence-only sexual education class. The fun of ditching the usual science lecture, slowly killed by high-pitched voice of a curly-headed old woman (usually with a golden, Christian cross hanging gingerly across her chest) rambling on and on about the dangers and horrors of premarital sex. After an hour or so of mildly intimidating slides, signed virginity pledges, and reiteration after reiteration of the “joys” of waiting to have sex until after marriage, we go on our way; some of us are affected, but most of us feel as much catharsis as if we’d just watched the evening news. While abstinence-only programs leave an impression on the conscience and hearts of some teens, offering them a new perspective on sexuality, the programs fail to give valid information, a fair perspective, or options to those teens who choose to be sexually active, a fault that has had dire consequences on our society.

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Although the idea of using scaretactics and moral questioning to force teenagers into celibacy is an appealing one, it is hardly rational. Abstinence-only programs do not delay the initiation of sexual activity, a choice that many teenagers make regardless of what they’ve been taught (National Sexuality Research Webpage). In fact, regardless of the barrage of abstinence-only programs in the United States since the Clinton Administration, forty-seven percent of teenagers have sexual intercourse by the time the reach the age of seventeen. For this forty-seven percent, abstinence-only programs are violating their basic human right to make their own informed decision about sex, sexuality, and how to practice “it” safely, leaving the fifty percent of teenagers ages 12-17 who want more information about their sexual health (The Kaiser Family Foundation) in the dark. Another tragic flaw in the design of abstinence-only programs is its refusal to give any information whatsoever about preventing pregnancy; instead, it focuses solely on the idea of waiting until marriage to have sex, which puts those teens already involved in sexual activity at a higher risk for unplanned pregnancy. With this refusal to focus on methods of birth control, it’s no wonder the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world: one-third of girls experience a pregnancy before their twentieth birthday. Even more startling than this statistic is the proven fact that teenagers that are properly educated about birth control are more likely to use it when (and if) they become sexually active (LIVESTRONG. com News). With these hard facts and stunning results of a generation raised on abstinence-only education, where is the action for change? Disregarding the fact that abstinence-only programs fail to provide information about birth control, the programs also fail to provide information about sexually transmitted diseases. Sure, instructors will “beat the dead horse” of the horrors and tragedies of contracting an STD without mercy, but they fail, epically at that, to provide any information on how to prevent these grotesque diseases they display, except for abstaining for sex altogether, a feat that obviously isn’t being accomplished by today’s teenager. In fact, the Center for Disease Control reported in 2007 that one in four sexual active teens between the ages of fourteen and nineteen contracted a sexually transmitted disease; fifteen percent of the aforementioned infected had more than one disease (Long). If that statistic doesn’t shock the proponents of abstinence-only programs, maybe the fact that approximately half of all new HIV infections occur in people under the age of twenty-five will (KFF). Not only are abstinence-only programs outdated and unrealistic, they do not work as well as they should, cost tax-payers far too much money for their success rate (which is extremely low), and are not backed by the medical community or any prevalent statistics whatsoever. Americans are spending billions of dollars on a sexual educational system that is totally ineffective. Abstinence-only programs have received almost one and a half billion dollars in federal funding since 1993. Not only are we spending tons of cash on these programs, most of them are flawed to the point of intervention by Congress. Out of thirteen grant-receiving programs investigated by Congress in a 2004 study, only two were free of “major statistical errors and distortions. ” What’s ironic about Congress’ findings is those two programs were the ones used the least nationwide (NSRW). Adding fuel to the refuters of abstinence-only programs is the lack of support by the vast majority of the medical field. Abstinence-only programs have been criticized in official statements by many professional associations and organizations, including, but not limited to: the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association, the National Association of School psychologists, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Public Health Association, all of whom maintain that sexual education must be comprehensive in order to be effective. Two-thirds of sex education programs focusing on abstaining and contraception had a positive effect on teen sexual behavior, compared to one-third in abstinence-only programs, according to a 2008 study (KFF). Regardless of whether the United States wants teenagers to be sexually active or not, some will choose to be so. For these teenagers, abstinence-only programs are detrimental to their physical well-being. Dr. Margret Blythe of the American Academy of Pediatrics even went as far as to assert that “there is evidence to suggest [the inaccuracies and distortions] in most of these programs are harmful and have negative consequences by not providing adequate information for those teens who do become sexually active. ” (Long). Whether or not parents, conservative government officials, religiously-biased instructors, and proponents of abstinence want it or not, one fact remains: we do not live in a perfect, Leave it to Beaver world where kids wait to get married before jumping into the waters of sexual relations. No amount of scare-tactics, promises of emotional well-being, or warning of unwanted babies and genital warts will ever change that. While abstinence-only programs do inspire some teens to hold off until marriage and “do the right thing,” most won’t. Will they be forced to listen to droning, irrelevant, cross-bearing old ladies forever, facing rampant STDs and unwanted pregnancies, simply because we as a society won’t wake up and provide for our youth’s needs? Or will medical expertise, realization of human sexual nature, and the desire to accept the inevitable win over, giving our youth a more informed path through their journey through sexuality?



The Difference Between Old and New Music reported by essay writers

Lets Get it on Marvin Gaye vs Juelz Santana Marvin Gaye and Juelz Santana took the phrase “lets get it on “to reach two different audiences. Musicians often use metaphors or sayings when they are trying to get a point across. Depending on how we use them, the message we are trying to deliver can be straight forward or indirect. Sometimes a phrase can have several meanings. For instance the phrase “lets get it on “ what are we trying to say, are we challenging an opponent, accepting an opponents challenge, or could we be asking or agreeing to a sexual encounter?

This statement can be used to express many forms of readiness based on how it is used. Marvin Gaye and Juelz Santana both used the phrase “lets get it on” Marvin Gaye the originator ithe early 70’s and later on in 2003 Juelz Santana took the phrase  and renamed his track “Lets go. ” Both songs have the same beat, baseline, hook two different genres and two different messages. “I’ve been really try in baby, tryna hold back these feelings for sooo long, and if you feel like I feel baby come on , ooooo come on , lets get it on“.

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Gaye Marvin. “Let’s get it on”. Lets get it on Motown, 1973. Marvin Gaye articulated lust and love in ways that presented sex as what it is for an adult, temporarily escaping the world. The song was inspired by Gayes thirst for his teenage girlfriend Janis Hunter, who later in his career became his second wife. The song centers around classical simple chord changes, the arrangements center around a slightly eccentric rhythm pattern that deepens the tracks power while covering with a contemporary veneer.

In a slow melody sincerely expressing how deep his love is while the live instruments play, Gayes message to Janice is clearly stated. “There’s nothing wrong with me loving you baby no, no , and you giving yourself to me can never be wrong, if the love is true oh baby ,ooh , ooh”. “ Gaye Marvin. “Lets get it on”. Lets get it on Motown, 1973. Direct and straight to the point the sexually –suggestive lyrics incorporates smooth Rnb soul and doo-wop.

By listening to the lyrics we as the audience will without a doubt understand that Marvin Gaye is suggesting that who ever he is singing to should get it on. “Stop beating around the bush lets get it on, you know what I’m talking about come on baby, let your love come out if you believe in love, lets get it on. ” “ Gaye Marvin. “lets get it on”. Lets get it on Motown, 1973. Whether it’s a sexual epiphany or just a deep desire for love in this original version the song and phrase was used to get the attention of a lover or future lover with the intentions of a sexual moment.

Three Decades later Juelz Santana a New York Emcee representing Harlem decided to reinvent the song in 2003 on his 2nd lp From me to you. ”Yah’ll dealing with a G from the block, yeah its me from the block, G from the block, (lets get it on ) But I don’t really like to beef on the block, I got to eat on the block, you dealing with a pimp from the hood keep a chick from the hood , Quick to tell her , hey, (lets get it on ) Santana Juelz. “Lets go” From me to you Roc-a-fella, 2003.

Putting a little hip hop twist to it by speeding up the tempo, adding harder kicks, snares, a sample of the baseline and Marvin Gayes voice after every four bars this track had a new meaning and Genre. Juelz flow about 4 bars and the sample comes in right on time as Juelz brags about his aura, swagger, credentials in the streets and the scene of hip hop. Juelz Santana renamed the song and dedicated it to his fans letting them know that it is his time to shine. I’m one hell of a guy, fly fella can fly, like Scarface, one hell of a high shit, one hell of a ride that I drive 23’s look like propellers on the side”. “Lets go” From me to you Roc-a-fella, 2003. Line for line “lets get it on” had a new meaning whereas Marvin Gaye showed us how to speak to a woman in a seductive way Expressing our love while Santana took it to a whole new era in hip hop to speak the streets representing his flashy flamboyant swag. Same song two total opposite meanings.

Persuasive Maneuvers, or: Client Squeezing Deluxe

The power of words can be incredible. But only if you use them at the right time. Learn how to make more out of a standard assignment by leveraging your client’s view of things.

What matters even more than what you say, is the time you choose to say it. If you have been given a standard brief and you want to win the client for more, anticipate how your client thinks! Identify how she might react to innovations and new approaches, and if you prepare her step by step (by feeding her bit after bit of your knowledge and insight), you will never have a problem enhancing the nature and/or extent of your assignment.

Here is how I argued to convince a client that an unusual and innovative marketing concept was the right card to bet on – in addition to the job I actually accepted.

The plot

I was asked to create a new identity for a local hearing aid* store (*the client shall remain unnamed, I chose hearing aids as a comparable branch). I accepted the task and delivered the logo and stationery. After that was delightfully approved, we started to chat about their market and how hard it was to remain competitive. Remember I did some preparation talk with the client along with the way before getting to this part.

Dear client, You sell hearing aids. In your city, so do four other medium-sized chains, 7 local competitors and three global combines. The last mentioned are pumping millions into advertising. Do you have millions? No, you don’t.

Why did you want me to redesign your corporate identity?

To be competitive, you have to attract customers by thinking in a unique way. Now, what can you do to prevent yourself from getting pushed out of business?

Get this.

You can only survive if you create a niche. Your own niche. Here it is: present yourself honestly – as the small, most personal local supplier that potential customers cannot avoid if they want professional yet individual services. We want to communicate YOU, the owner, your small team, and your emotional and social competence as the core USP. Thats right, emotions!

Focus her.

Look at your new logo.

Your competition goes for the Cost-Leader strategy, I believe you shouldn’t. Instead, you should communicate and act as the unforced, smart & sympathetic guys next door:

I Had A Great Interview, But Have Not Heard Anything. What Should I Do?

A large majority of individuals that interview for a new position feels like the interview went GREAT!  Unfortunately, most hiring managers don’t view the interview the same way.  It is very rare that a hiring manager walks out of an interview and  says “Wow, that person would be perfect for this position.”  The truth is that most interviewers are looking for ANY red flags they can find – and there almost always is something that raises one in an interview.  So, what happens if you go to an interview and you don’t hear back from them?

I recently received an email from a former client of mine who has one of the best backgrounds in his field I have ever seen.  He informed me that he had a great interview, in fact, they told him he was one of the top 5 candidates.  They informed him that they would be in touch by a certain date, yet he never heard from them.  He followed up after that time, and they again told him that they would be in touch with him within a week.  Surprise, Surprise, they didn’t contact him by that set date either.  So, what should he do? Is “no news, good news?”

My suggestion:  Follow-up again.  Either call the individual you interviewed with or send them another email.  Following up shows initiative and a desire to secure the open position.  In fact, if you don’t follow-up the organization may feel you are not really interested in the role.  The worst thing they can tell you is that the job is no longer available or that you are not the right candidate.  Most candidates will not follow-up in this situation because they do not want to be a “pain.”  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS!  As long as you are not calling them several times a week or calling them before the deadline THEY gave you, the hiring manager will not view your desire to come and work for their company a “pain.”  If anything, this gives you an advantage over the other candidates that think “no news is good news.”


6 myths on personal development

I read a lot of misconceptions recently on some websites of personal development and I wanted to discuss it with you. You should know and make your own opinion on certain beliefs. What do you think?

Myth # 1

Time heals all wounds. This is not necessarily true. To avoid drowning, you must kick and hands out of the water surface. It is the same with your wounds. We must face them and look at everything in a different perspective: the past may explain this but should not define it. Stop looking at what happens in the mirror and start taking action. Because in all of us, there is a bit of bravery. Just look it up and move forward.

Myth # 2

Be yourself. What people think should not influence your personality, of course. Stay strong, be yourself!. Be friendly but keep always the truth if you want us to respect your opinion.

Myth # 3

Happiness is up to you. It comes first from you. If you are unable to live with yourself, you will seek constantly to fill the void inside of you with an external source. You only need one person to be happy: YOU. Anyone who tells you another thing is either: 1. A Guru who wants your money 2. A woman or a man who wants your money 3. a bank that wants your money. If you do not have money, they want something else ). Happiness (love) is a bonus, but not always necessary. Yes, friends contribute to happiness, but if you are not happy with yourself first, you are as dependent on external sources to be happy. What will become of you if they disappear? Interdependence, yes, addiction, no.

Myth # 4

By comparison, they console themselves. “Each sheep in a herd look like the other one “: this is a popular saying that wants to tell that some people because of their attitudes or their failures, their common mistakes disappear into the crowd. Each chromosome is different , but your personality and your attitude are similar to others. You are therefore different by default. No need to yell,tp dye your hair purple or do something crazy to distinguish yourself. Stop comparing yourself, work on your self .

Myth # 5

Think before you act. When you think too much, you forget to live the present moment. The action takes place NOW, whether for eating, reading, chatting with a friend, play ping-pong …
Although sometimes is necessary to think carefully before doing something . Certainly, to invest money, better think. For the rest, let yourself go down the river. It is better to enjoy it slowly

Myth # 6

Without friends, you are nothing.We need the help of others, this is normal, but keep asking help from others to solve problems is not rigth. You are stronger than you might think.

How To Concentrate On Studying

There are a few reasons you might have trouble focusing on your studies, some of which are simply understood, and others which can be considered medical issues. While the latter is unlikely, it is still a possibility, but for most people, increasing the level of focus for studying requires only a few small changes to a regular study habit.

Understand Your Distractions

What is it that you do when you lose focus on studying? Is it browsing the internet? Calling a friend? Watching television? It’s impossible to fix your focus issues unless you know what it is that tempts you to stray away from the books. For a lot of people, studying is far from entertaining, but it’s a necessary requirement for passing exams. Because studying can be a bit of a bore, it’s easy to take interest in something else. However, watching your favorite show won’t help you on your exam!

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Once you know what your distraction is, it’s time to eliminate it. Having your distractions nearby will lead to temptation, and eventually a loss of focus. If you’re itching to call your friends and see what they’re up to, you’ll certainly give in if you begin to lose interest in your books. It’s important to create a studying atmosphere that’s free of your distractions so you won’t be inclined to take those extended breaks.

Make The Material Interesting

For some, this can be a challenge, but if you can find a way to make the material more interesting, it can increase your focus by quite a bit. If you’re studying at the college level and are well within your major, chances are you should have some interest in what you’re studying. After all, you’re the one who chose the major, and you must have chosen it for a reason. However, if you’re still struggling, there are a few ways to make studying a bit easier on the mind.

For example, try testing yourself by making mock questions and checking how well you’ve done. The rush of answering a question correctly can help spur your interest and motivate you to learn more material. This form of self-validation works two-fold as it helps you maintain your interest in the topic while also testing your knowledge on the material.

Get Comfortable

This may come as a surprise, but creating a comfortable environment can really help with focus. That’s not to say that you should study under the blanket in bed, but wearing comfortable clothing and finding a cushioned seat in the library can help you alleviate that anxious feeling you might get from sitting at a desk. Eliminating discomfort will help your body remain at ease, making it easier to keep your focus on the target.


Following these tips can help any studier become more focused in no time. It’s important to mention again that focus issues can be a medical concern, and if you think this is the case, then it’s best to consult a medical professional. However, these types of issues are few and far between, and most of the time all you’ll need is a few small changes to increase your learning potential.



Music reports from knowledge essay writers

As class, in groups or individually, students think upon topics and subject matter ripe for research. You compare notes with your colleagues and determine what avenue of study is right for you. Talk about your interests, and begin to strategize ways to complete your report. No evidence is necessary save active discussion and jotting your thoughts down in your journal.

As your ideas form, you will be ready to draft a essay. Shorter than an outline, a gist statement condenses the main point of a report into one sentence. A good gist statement will be dense, like a fruit cake, and descriptive enough so that the reader is left with an understanding of what the report will be all about. A good fifteen second commercial or newspaper headline does this.
For example, look at ERIC abstracts for inspiration. It’s not the same exact thing, but it comes close.

ABSTRACT: Discusses adolescent anxieties, rebelliousness, and media
preferences in the 1990s,
especially Hip Hop, and relates today's trends to past trends, from
Sinatra to Break Dancing. Suggests
classroom activities using music and music videos: analyzing fans;
providing biographies,
discographies, lyrics; writing reviews of albums and videos; studying
the music business; writing and
performing songs.

Next, your interest will fall on doing research. Find out where to go to find the information needed to finish your report. Regardless of the type of report you do, you should always, always conduct research. After all, an educated consumer is our best costumer.  Make plans to go to libraries, museums, archives and the internet. Watch television programs and videos on your subject.  Grill friends, amateurs and experts about your topic. Ask teachers and your parents to help you as well.
For more information on proper bibliography format, check this MLA supported site. Bedford/St Martin’s.

Many students make the mistake of completing a paper in one shot, without revising or even reading what they have written. Thus, we have the first draft. Honestly, no matter how brilliant you are, all first drafts can use a little work. Aim for completion, and submit quickly. After a few days of soul searching, you’ll be ready for the second draft.

Spend the most time on clarity of your gist statement. Most often, a student will go off topic, spending paragraph upon paragraph on a subject completely unrelated to their initial gist statement. So consider the following: One, you can rewirk your gist statement to include your new information, and then find ways of bringing the conflicting information together. Two, you can eleiminate the new, unrelated information, and reinforce your original gist statement by going into more detail. Depending on your writing style, one or the other (or many both) is possible.

After careful reworking of your report so that it makes the most sense, you are to look at your paper for spelling, grammar and continuity. It is recommended that someone other than yourself read your report, and help you in the editing process. Dyads work good for this, and groups can be especially helpful. Listen to any and all criticisms; it might make the difference between a good paper and a great paper.

Картинки по запросу музыка

Each step in the report writing process takes about one week. A good solid report will take about six weeks to complete.

Listed below are some sample report topics. Many of these topic suggestions were thought of by students. Feel free to choose one of the following models or come up with your own. Email your ideas to

  1. Interview two famous artists, compare them and write essay.
  2. Tell a fairy tale starring celebrity personalities.
  3. How do I break in my career? So you wanna be an accountant/wrestler/breadmaker/movie star/cowgirl et al.
  4. Write a screenplay. From A Star is Born to Glitter, rags to riches has always been popular.
  5. Make a comic book about the music business.
  6. Write a biography, with a twistExperienced essay writers can help you with this. Focus on an unexplored aspect of an idividual’s life or career. Consider Janet Jackson first two albums, or Tupac’s posthumous success. A interesting biography entitled Beethoven’s Hair, is a great example of “the twist.”
  7. Make a biographical picture book. Make sure to include at least 3 pages of text.

Preparing your child to learn to read

My son is 4 years old. He can read simple cvc words like van, fan, pan, man and other -an words. I couldn’t properly assess how much he learned because he won’t cooperate with me. He just mumble the word if I ask him to read it and make fun of the words. But the teacher told me that he could read. As for me, I won’t force my son to say the words properly. He’s listening and I believe he’s smart. I believe that he will develop gradually and at his own pace towards successful reading. Here are my ways of support during this pre-reading stage :
1. Positive attitudes towards book and reading. My son loves books. We can’t sleep unless we read a story first.

2. Happy experiences of stories and rhymes.

3. Valuable pre-reading skills:

– knowing letter names and letter sounds

– being able to read his own name- and a few other words

– retelling stories

– sequencing

– predicting

– picture reading

– matching

– sound awareness

– rhyme awareness


The Good Things about me being a Teacher

It’s not my first choice to be a teacher but now as I became a mother I realized I have the best job of the world! Why? Let me just sum it up with 3 reasons:
1. One-month and 14 days vacation every year. It could be three months if we haven’t 2-week special English class on October and a month English Summer class on March. Besides this, we got weekends off for household chores and having quality family time. Other professionals find it hard to take off for a family vacation . They need to schedule it with the kids vacation dates. It’s not a problem for me because both I and my hubby are teachers. Our schedules is the same with our kid so planning and going for a family vacation is a piece of cake.
2. My schedule is perfect when it comes to looking after my kid. My K-2 son goes to the same school with me so I have time to follow-up him every now and then. During their break at 3:30-4:00 PM (he attends tutorial class at 4:00-5:00 PM) which is also my break time, I met with him to eat our snack together. When the bell rings at 4:00 PM I send him to his classroom while I go to our playground for a spelling session with our students from 4:00-4:30 PM. I log-out at 4:30 PM. While waiting for my son, I usually read my favorite books. You see? I’m home when he is so it’s possible to help him with homework or just spend the evening with him.
3. Being a teacher brings me a great deal of satisfaction . Teaching career will not make me rich financially but it makes me feel awesome because I know I’m making a significant difference in the lives of so many youngsters.


Stop Attacks with the Right Virus Protection Software

It’s a nightmare to get hit by a vicious virus attack on your computer. These days, everyone is so dependent on their computers whether for work-related tasks or for personal computing. While it is always recommended that you back up your files, this does not really guarantee that you will be able to recover them when a virus attacks your computer’s hard drive. Prevention is the key to protecting your precious data. What you need is a software like avira anti virus to stop viruses from getting into your computer and causing trouble. Make sure that the database of your installed anti-virus software is up-to-date. You need real-time scanning and alerts especially if you surf the net all the time. These ensure that viruses are blocked from sneaking into your computer.