A large majority of individuals that interview for a new position feels like the interview went GREAT!  Unfortunately, most hiring managers don’t view the interview the same way.  It is very rare that a hiring manager walks out of an interview and  says “Wow, that person would be perfect for this position.”  The truth is that most interviewers are looking for ANY red flags they can find – and there almost always is something that raises one in an interview.  So, what happens if you go to an interview and you don’t hear back from them?

I recently received an email from a former client of mine who has one of the best backgrounds in his field I have ever seen.  He informed me that he had a great interview, in fact, they told him he was one of the top 5 candidates.  They informed him that they would be in touch by a certain date, yet he never heard from them.  He followed up after that time, and they again told him that they would be in touch with him within a week.  Surprise, Surprise, they didn’t contact him by that set date either.  So, what should he do? Is “no news, good news?”

My suggestion:  Follow-up again.  Either call the individual you interviewed with or send them another email.  Following up shows initiative and a desire to secure the open position.  In fact, if you don’t follow-up the organization may feel you are not really interested in the role.  The worst thing they can tell you is that the job is no longer available or that you are not the right candidate.  Most candidates will not follow-up in this situation because they do not want to be a “pain.”  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS!  As long as you are not calling them several times a week or calling them before the deadline THEY gave you, the hiring manager will not view your desire to come and work for their company a “pain.”  If anything, this gives you an advantage over the other candidates that think “no news is good news.”