My son is 4 years old. He can read simple cvc words like van, fan, pan, man and other -an words. I couldn’t properly assess how much he learned because he won’t cooperate with me. He just mumble the word if I ask him to read it and make fun of the words. But the teacher told me that he could read. As for me, I won’t force my son to say the words properly. He’s listening and I believe he’s smart. I believe that he will develop gradually and at his own pace towards successful reading. Here are my ways of support during this pre-reading stage :
1. Positive attitudes towards book and reading. My son loves books. We can’t sleep unless we read a story first.

2. Happy experiences of stories and rhymes.

3. Valuable pre-reading skills:

– knowing letter names and letter sounds

– being able to read his own name- and a few other words

– retelling stories

– sequencing

– predicting

– picture reading

– matching

– sound awareness

– rhyme awareness